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Matilda is a 1996 film about a young girl who is extremely smart and loves reading, but faces difficulties in life in the form of her disapproving parents Harry and Zinnia Wormwood plus her terrifying headmistress at school. Narrator: Harry Wormwood had, unintentionally, given his daughter the first practical advice she could use.

Matilda soon finds that she has telekinetic powers — she can control things with her mind. He had meant to say, "When a child is bad." Instead, he said; "When a person is bad." And thereby introduced a revolutionary idea that children could punish their parents.

By Christie’s time, at least two conventions had been established. (Holmes, when he is not chasing a criminal, lies on his couch, felled by boredom and cocaine, shooting bullets into the wall of his study.) A second rule was the absolutely central role of ratiocination.

The detective, when he is working, shows almost no emotion.

According to a number of sources, her books, in the approximately forty-five languages they have been translated into, have sold more than two billion copies, making her the most widely read novelist in history.

There is also a continuing output of books about Christie.

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She had also been known to exhibit (limited) prescience, control over the elements (creating downpours at will), manipulating magnetic forces, leading seances, performing exorcisms and aiding in resurrections.

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