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Their feelings for each other go against all the social norms of the times. Or Robert has deep desires and needs to become Aaron's slave.They face imprisonment if their affair is discovered. When Rebecca dies during child birth, Robert is left to be the dad he never prepared nor fancied to be.

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Future fic, canon compliant (with a little poetic licence, because this is my world and in my world the baby isn’t Robert’s) It's 1914 and Robert Sugden enlisted in the army to make his father proud.

Just before he leaves for training, he meets Aaron Dingle.

He returns with hope that Aaron might still love him the same way that he still loves Aaron, but when he finds his husband is seeing someone new, is all hope now lost after a year apart?

Or will they find that, actually, a kind of love like theirs isn’t ever over?James Joseph "Jim" Parsons, född 24 mars 1973 i Houston, Texas, är en amerikansk skådespelare. Han har blivit väldigt hyllad för sin roll i The Big Bang Theory och har bland annat vunnit tre Emmy Awards och en Golden Globe i kategorin Bästa manliga skådespelare i en komedi eller musikal för sin insats i serien.Parsons är kanske mest känd för sin roll som Sheldon Cooper i komediserien The Big Bang Theory men har även spelat i andra serier som Vid sex års ålder uppträdde Parsons i en av skolans pjäser och redan då bestämde han sig för att bli skådespelare.Originally published at - https:// pazari i vjetër i Korcës Pazari i vjetër i Korcës po rigjallërohet pas restaurimeve që janë kryer vitet e e fundit.Krahas mjaft shërbimeve në këtë zonë po hapen biznese që po ngjallin vëmendjen e turistëve vendas dhe të huaj.But does any of that matter when war could claim Robert's life at any moment? It's probably not going to be 100% historically accurate - I'll give you all fair warning. All Robert wants is to be a good dad for his son, and maybe along the way figure out the mess that is his life as well.

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