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But, in 1957, she fell in love with Sammy Davis Jr., who, with his immense popularity, was breaking the race barrier of a firmly segregated entertainment industry.

Sam Kashner chronicles the backlash against their affair, the alleged Mob hit ordered by Cohn which forced Davis to marry black singer Loray White, and the heartbreaking coda to the romance that Hollywood forbade.

His tuxedo with the shiny lapels, his slightly greying hair, his elegance took my breath away.

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The book is a poetically written, reasonably entertaining and detailed account of her life in movies – forensic details about actors, actresses, directors, sets. He gave his name to his first child but Sophia had to pay (using her first pay cheque) to ensure her sister Maria also had the family name Scicolone. Loren looks at me blankly, and I’m not sure she understands the word. This was many years before live telecasts and while she waited she made sauce to calm herself down.

All of which is sharply contrasted with the poverty and desperation of her war-torn childhood without a father. Her late husband, Carlo Ponti, once told her she should always wear suits. She has a great body, even at 80; giant eyelashes, giant lips. (The actress changed her name to “Loren” in the Fifties.) The older authoritative male figure was something that she was always searching for, which is perhaps why she felt so instantly at home when she met Italian film producer and director Carlo Ponti, who was nearly 22 years her senior. (Sometimes she answers questions in Italian.) She does perk up when I talk about her father, as he seems to haunt the book. Richard was having a very difficult time in his life. He would play with the children and have a wonderful time but then Elizabeth would come and have lunch and it would not be good.” Was she attracted to him? You think you can ask me that and that I’m going to answer you? You sounded naive but you’re not naive.” This is probably the most charming put-down I’ve ever had in an interview and now I realise what might be missing from the book. It's also hard to fathom why, when she was nominated for an Oscar in 1962, she didn’t want to go to the ceremony because she’d be too upset if she didn’t win. She aged up more than a decade for her character in Two Women, playing a mother in Italy during the war. She was up against Audrey Hepburn for Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Natalie Wood in Splendor in the Grass. I think the quote was, ‘Everything I am I owe to spaghetti.’ How rude,” she says, laughing. She may love Italian food but the Italian authorities and religion and tax regime certainly don’t please her.

He was in the dark and suddenly the spotlight picked him up—he was electric, he was hot, it was almost a sexual thing.

He was singing to Kim Novak, sitting at a stageside table; she had just finished work on Alfred Hitchcock’s the most challenging film of her career.

Grant, by that time divorced three times, first tried LSD in 1958 in the doctor's office. And yet, after taking acid, he personally contacted Good Housekeeping magazine and said: "I want to tell the world about this. Everyone’s got to take it."'The movie uses the star's own words from his unpublished autobiography, spoken by actor Jonathan Pryce, and newly discovered personal footage he shot to reveal more about the man who was born Archibald Leach in Bristol, England, in 1904.

Movie director Mark Kidel told The Guardian: 'He claimed he was saved by LSD. Born Archie Leach, he believed his mother had died when he was a child, only to discover when he was in his 30s that she had in fact been committed to the Bristol Lunatic Asylum by his father.The man known as “the greatest entertainer in the world” was onstage, the smoke from his cigarette trellising the air.You had to see him: the gorgeous shirt, the cuff links, the way everything billowed.He once famously recounted that one trip left him feeling like a 'giant penis launching off the Earth like a spaceship'.Grant's relationship with the drug, which he first tried in his therapist's office in 1957, forms the basis of a new documentary set to screen at the Cannes film festival next week.At the peak of his fame as one of Hollywood's leading men, yet plagued with self doubt, Cary Grant discovered a new drug which changed his life forever.

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