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She told the newspaper “I’ve taken a break from my job because I want to devote everything to making this work,” she said. “Nights have been a struggle because Brad sleeps so peacefully but we manage to cope – until he falls asleep latched onto me, which is beautiful,” She says she uses a hand pump at times if her partner is out and takes Mother’s Milk Tea to help bring in her supply.

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A year ago I had never considered ABF as a "type" or category of relationship except to say I've always naturally enjoyed including at least a small amount of it in my exclusive intimate relationships.

To discover there are actually women who enjoy ABF as much as I do is very exciting because for me it's such a beautiful way to bond and deeply connect.

Possibly to explore some kinks too though this might not be the ideal place.

About me I am bl Copenhagen Not Specified luckythangood 31 Man Seeking Women First I would like to say thank you for stopping by to read my profile.

I hope this forum can become a place where singles in Tucson can meet to start new loving relationships since the mainstream dating websites do not cater to ANR or ABF enthusiasts.

I'm a tall handsome man in my mid 50's athletic and fit looking for someone I am attracted to (any age) for mutual enjoyment and fun; any size dry or producing but the larger the better.

Atlanta woman Jennifer Mulford "dry-feeds" her partner Brad Leeson, 36, every two hours.

Because she hasn't breastfed in over 20 years, Ms Mulford has to trick her body into producing milk by dry-feeding and hand pumping regularly.

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