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Trustwave says of its example that RIG will snag one in ten victims visiting a booby-trapped web page, of whom half of one per cent will cough up a ransomware payment, on average 0.

The margins are a clear indicator of the commoditisation of crimeware, removing the need for blackhats to be jack-of-all-trades and facilitating rapid specialisation.

"That’s an exceptional, albeit unethical and illegal, investment," the company says in its annual report [PDF].

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The company says crims could clear a conservative $84,000 a month for a $5,900 outlay for the CTB Locker ransomware, the RIG exploit kit, stolen web traffic, and malware crypting packer services.

Net scum stand to make even more if they invest in co-current ransomware exploit kit campaigns.

Exploit kit traders and ransomware slingers are in one of the most profitable industries in the world, landing a whopping 1,425 percent profit margin for raiding legitimate trade.

Figures from infosec firm Trustwave show the blackhats who are enjoying what appears to be a current boom can score outrageous amounts of money by using the off-the-shelf hacking kits to deliver ransomware, trojans, and ad stealers to victims using exploit kits.

The population is primarily ethnic Swazis whose language is Swati.

They established their kingdom in the mid-18th century under the leadership of Ngwane III; the present boundaries were drawn up in 1881 in the midst of the scramble for Africa.

He is head of state and appoints the country's prime ministers and a number of representatives of both chambers (Senate and House of Assembly) in the country's parliament.

Elections are held every five years to determine the House of Assembly and the Senate majority. Swaziland is a developing country with a small economy.

Den omhandlet funksjonshemmede og andre utsatte grupper.

Norges Døveforbund mener det står for lite om hørselshemmede i denne rapporten.

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