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Done thoughtfully, not only will things be more comfortable, but you’ll model for your kids how to be a functioning adult in a hectic emotional world. The intro is really just an extension of getting your kids used to the idea of their parents’ divorce.

If you haven’t already done so, take the opportunity to remind them that Daddy’s split from Mommy is crucial for getting his groove back, and is likewise important for everyone in the long term.

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The year after Daredevil, Ben Affleck told People magazine that “I can’t imagine doing another action movie.” In 2002, he called his earlier desire to do blockbusters “an adolescent aspiration.” In 2003, he described his “fundamental code” as “being honest, doing things with which I can live, rather than be ashamed of — doing estimable things.” In 2006, he told USA Today that “I’ve been in movies that earned a lot of money that ...

I wish I wasn’t in, honestly.” Later that year, in an interview for his “comeback” role in Hollywoodland, he was relieved because “I don’t have to feel, like, embarrassed anymore.”Affleck has an issue with shame.

But recently, Affleck has returned to the source of his embarrassment: In signing up for the role of Batman, he’s wed himself to a decade of action movies.

Reviews for Batman v Superman are so bad that fans of the film have conjured a conspiracy theory that they were paid for by (DC Comics rival) Marvel.

And in videos like this one, currently meme-ing its way across the internet, you can watch, in real time, as that old shame creeps in: It’s the same look he sported at the Gigli premiere in 2004, laden with the realization that he’d done something horribly, irrevocably wrong.

It's a look that shows up so often there's an entire deliriously well-stocked Tumblr of "Ben Affleck Looking Sad." But the Sadfleck look doesn't inspire pity.Most people have a love/hate relationship with mistress of GOOP Gwyneth Paltrow, including her ex (maybe one of the famous ones? Plus a hooker actress, a bald actor, and a football-related breakup. "In this month's , ' The Real Gwyneth' (all the other articles you've ever read were about ' The Fake Gwyneth') talks for the zillionith time about how real she is and about how her life lessons can help the hoi polloi.While she is 'discreet' about her dating life, she is willing to put at least one ex on blast for cheating on Her Royal Goopiness.Good Will Hunting Ben didn't have much going on romantically in this one, unless you include his bromance for the ages with Matt Damon, aka Will Hunting. Forces of Nature A guilty pleasure no more, this film can now be celebrated for its brave and unlikely pairing of Ben and Bullock.But would Will have gone to see about a girl without Ben's epic "the best part of my day is when I knock on the door and you might not be there" speech? Sandy B had never been as freakishly charming, nor he as adorably neurotic, as in this perfectly '90s installment of Armageddon In this classic '90s space disaster epic, Ben used Liv Tyler's stomach to prove that the only aphrodisiac you ever need is Animal Crackers.But she does confess that she knows what it feels like to be betrayed-"I had a boyfriend who used to cheat on me all the time. I knew on a cellular level, but I bought his story"-while making it clear that infidelity is not part of her marriage.' Who is the ex-boyfriend in this story? "This former B television actress from a very hit series on this almost network was spending time with rich guys for money but they have started to disappear from her life because of her continued drug use.

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