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It’s easier than ever to “meet” people thanks to our mobiles nowadays.

Roxanne Thompson (46) from Brooklyn, New York, is forlorn with worry after the man she matched with on US dating app stole her terrier Terror after the pair had been on a string of dates over the course of a few months.

The woman had been on a number of coffee and dinner dates with her online match throughout a six month period, before he ran away with her beloved pet.

Across the rest of the world, Donald Trump is the 10th most searched-for famous person (yes, that’s right) while Kim Kardashian takes the top spot, followed by Emma Stone.“We pride ourselves on listening to our millions of users around the world,” Badoo CEO Andrey Andreev said.

“We regularly hear that they love new, simple and fun ways to make better connections with a potential match.

Here is some interesting peace of information that I have stumbled upon.

The list of Most Downloaded Dating Apps by Country I don't know where they take their data from, but is seems to stick to reality in the places I have been to, except maybe Russia and Frim (never heard of this app before).

Yes mobile apps and online dating have, like it or not, changed the way we date.

For better or worse - it's still open to debate, and the answer may be a bit of both really.

Im speaking with a colombian chick on badoo right now...

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