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At 22, Sebastian Blackwell could easily blend in with the students he’s overseeing at Deer Valley High School.

The period is usually reserved for health class, but for seven days Blackwell will teach the kids about teen domestic violence .

Stephen Colbert is continuing to warm up for his September debut as the host of 'The Late Show,' this time practicing his interviewing skills far away from the spotlight by interviewing Eminem on a cable access talk show in Monroe, Michigan.

Pierce is believe to have used several different dating sites, such as BBPeople,, Plentyof, as well as the dating app Tinder.

The scams were conducted between 20, according to court records, and involved the theft of more than $250,000, according to the Attorney General.

23 on numerous counts related to an online dating scam, officials said.

According to Brnovich's press release, Pierce set up online dating profiles to begin romantic relationships with women and then convince them to invest in fraudulent investments.

Supporters cheer during a pro-President Donald Trump rally at the state Capitol in Phoenix on March 4, 2017. Both the left and the right have accused the other of paying supporters and protesters to show up at political events.

Since the election, Arizonans have been making their voices heard, whether through rallies, party meetings or phone-call campaigns. The companies that supposedly placed the ads denied knowledge of them.

Since Donald Trump entered the race for president with some controversial comments about about Mexican immigrants, he's lost not only business associations but ones with celebrities as well including Flo Rida, Jonathan Scott, and Shakira.

Clarence Newsome, president of the Freedom Center in Cincinnati, talks about the feelings he felt before and after discovering his daughter, Bree Newsome, was arrested for climbing a flagpole in South Carolina and removing the Confederate flag.

It was carrying Acrylonitrile, a flammable and poisonous liquid when it derailed and caught fire.

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