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Our Specialists will plan your vacation itinerary or can book you on one of our great vacations all with your special needs in mind.

Because if you honestly left your wife and family solely because of the hardships of life with this condition than you are not a man. What I mean by this is even though you're divorced doesn't mean you shouldn't show up to your kid's IEP meetings or open school nights or other important events like this.

Read Cari's advice about how to make your own alone time, why it's ok to get that $5 cup of coffee, and how she was able to let herself off the hook and find love again.

I am a full-time single mother of a beautiful daughter, dubbed the drama queen, and a sweet little boy who just happens to have Autism. I stopped putting too much pressure on myself to "do it all" and I dropped the Mommy guilt.

The purpose of this website is to assist Aspergers groups so as to enable them to better help people with Autism and Aspergers.

is a blogging community focused on Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, PDD NOS and other Pervasive Development Disorders.

For the full Autism Daddy experience like my Facebook Page at Daddy from women who say that their husbands bailed out on their families/ marriages due to the stresses of autism in their lives. Let's be honest, if you didn't have a kid with autism I still don't think you'd be winning any father/husband of the year awards... I mean I get it fellas, you may not be able to have the "typical" family life you were always expecting. You gave up your right to help make those decisions.

And every day I see another new Facebook page from single autism moms like "Single Mothers who have Children with Autism" Let's get something out of the way right out of the gate. Let's call a spade a spade You were a jerk already, before the autism, right? If you leave your wife and family cuz of autism then I'm betting you probably never would've been satisfied with your life /marriage and probably would've bailed at some point no matter what the circumstances or stayed and been miserable and/or a jerk. Would you have left your wife to deal with all of the stress alone then? You may not be able to take your kid to the ballgame, or play catch, or a million other things, but "WAAAA! The least you can do is follow the rules / protocols she's set up. And also try to be a unified front both in your parenting of your kids and out in the world.

However, when a parent starts dating, it doesn’t just complicate life for the adolescent; it complicates life for the single parent too.

Start with the role conflict in which a single parent can feel beset.

That means giving myself a break and a pat on the back. If it teeters too far one way or the other, I can tell; I'm short-tempered and tired, and the whole family dynamic is affected.

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