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Working out how gender works for us, and how we identify, can feel pretty lonely and confusing at times.

But you might be surprised to learn that lots of people feel that they’re a bit different from most of the people of their gender around them.

But we’re more complex than a letter on our student ID!

The football women and the netball women who do not find a sense of welcome or security in their clubs often stay involved despite the hardships associated with belonging, and this persistence in the face of some adversity can be attributed to a love of their game, and loyalty to their team and community.

For this reason we have called this report ‘For the Love of the Game’, and dedicate it to the women and men who are working to make clubs equal, respectful and inclusive for all.

Sex is assigned at birth When we’re born, a doctor assigns a sex to us based on our physical aspects (yup, your genitals).

The sex is written on your birth certificate, student ID, all sorts of things.

Publication type: Monograph Year of publication: 2011 Title: Sport as a setting for the prevention of violence against women: Community report (PDF File 266.7 KB) Author(s): Sue Dyson, Jo Grzlinska.

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