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De profielen op zijn deels fictief, fysieke afspraken zijn hiermee niet mogelijk.

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When Kolkata - then Calcutta - was the British capital, the Armenians poured money into colonial mansions, virtually transforming the wilting city into what Kolkata eventually became.

Though they called it their home, Armenians started leaving 'Calcutta' even before the British started moving out.

Zaven Yazichyan, the India-Armenian Spiritual Postorate, ACPA.

Entrepreneurial and devout Christians, Armenians arrived here in early 1600s, some 60 years prior to East India Company.

For the last six decades, their numbers have dwindling alarmingly.

Training government officials from former Soviet Union nation Armenia.

They will in the city to be a part of celebrations lined up by their alma mater - Armenian College and Philanthropic Academy (ACPA), which will turn 195 this year.

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