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The openly gay Flipping Out star appeared on Watch What Happens Live last night, and revealed that Lisa Vanderpump’s star bartender seems to have an affinity for men as well! Marie and Shay ended their marriage just two years later, but the rumors still followed Taylor. (The star is still dating girlfriend of two years Brittany Cartwright, 28.) Cohen explained that Taylor’s Vanderpump Rules costars think he hooked up with his former Miami roommate, John. “I kissed John on the cheek,” he insisted to Cartwright’s mom, adding that he kisses his father on the lips.The blonde housewife had refused to do that to her co-guest, but then Lewis made a quip, asking Cohen, ‘Could I get an STD from that?

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The couple have been together for more than seven years and welcomed their daughter via surrogate on October 25, 2016.

Although the reality star claimed after the show aired that the incident was nothing more than a joke, critics aren’t so sure, and because Lewis has remained silent, it’s hard to know for sure what happened.

That doesn’t mean he’s gay,” Bethenny Frankel, who appeared alongside Lewis for the episode, asked why Lewis and Cohen why they believed Taylor, 37, prefers men to women.

Taylor has refused to reply to Radar Online.com’s calls for comment in the past.

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we’ve had so many fights,” he answered when Cohen asked what the dads’ first fight was over after the baby was born.

On January 12, Glanville addressed the issue with fans on Twitter.

Cohen had asked Glanville if she could run her fingers through Lewis’ hair to prove he didn’t wear a toupee.

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