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Some actors deliberately seek out such roles precisely to shed their image, and seemingly the majority of male ones lately go through a phase of sporting stubble for photoshoots and red-carpet events to remind us they're not boys anymore (even if they are still playing high school students).

House of Salem now has a new poster as well and will be one of the films featured at Fright Fest London: Host(now in Post-Production/coming 2017): Set in Notting Hill/Portobello Road about a young trendy couple. This time when a violent patient escapes their room and causes upheaval by letting loose other asylum members, Eve (Nadia Lamin) The Warden tries to find safety for the wounded Dr Barnes (Pottsy) along with Jackie a Nurse, Jean a Visitor and Marcus (Marc Zammit) the Security Guard.

He’s a fashion photographer, and Christine Marzano is a famous actress who rent their home out while they’re away on holiday and when they return it seems their ‘guests’ still haven’t left. But what they come to realise is, you can’t drown your demons if they know how to swim.

George "Superman" Reeves, for example, took great pains to not smoke or be seen with his lady-friends in front of children. May result in the actor/singer hating the job, but still enjoying the publicity that comes with it.

She's been away from the world of showbiz for a while, but between her starring role in new play the The Armour and the first S Club 7 tour in ten years, Hannah Spearritt is back in business and super busy.

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Andrew’s latest film, House of Salem, is now in post production.“Hannah moaned to me until she was blue in the face about Paul – she said he was so fat he could hardly dance,” he said. He’d moved into my bed before it’d got cold – that’s the biggest kick in the teeth.” He continued: “I’d do anything for that girl. She then stayed with Andrew until they broke up in 2013. Just hours after the story broke, Hannah’s Twitter account appeared to have been hacked, as cruel comments about Paul were posted on her page.The next part focuses on the Seventies when the Langham was occupied by the BBC, where Simon Darwen and Siubhan Harrison play a successful couple with a growing shipping business waiting to be interviewed for a current affairs programme about their growing international shipping empire.Defibrillator, a theatre company run by Hillier and Stage One producer Trish Wadley, created the theatrical project having previously staged three little performed Tennessee Williams plays in Langham suites to critical acclaim.The Sunday People reports that Hannah ditched personal trainer Adam Thomas “out of the blue”, kicking him out of the house they shared, before moving Paul in. One update, posted with a photo, read “I know I know.... And get some self respect and human decency while I'm at it.” The posts have since been deleted.

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