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In Joel Saisson's thriller Cam2Cam, a sicko bastard in Bangkok is decapitating young foreign women, after first making them undress in front of their own laptops with the webcam on.

"'The Ridiculous 6' is everything wrong with Hollywood for the past two decades," wrote Deborah Day at The Wrap.

Yikes."The Walking Deceased" is a parody film that aimed (and seemingly failed) to pay homage to the zombie movies, like "28 Days Later" and "Shaun of the Dead," that inspired it.

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Therefore, there is much to be said for doing a modern-day version of the seventies' infamous 'giallo' thrillers.

With their focus on sexual deviancy, voyeurism and fascination with rape-violence, the current chat-rooms, on-line video-streams and giallo seem tailor-made for each other, a match made in heaven.

"Many clinicians claim that watching erotica makes men unable to respond sexually to 'normal' sexual situations with a partner," Erection trouble in the study population was a product of issues such as "performance anxiety, poor cardiovascular health, or side-effects from substance abuse," said Jim Pfaus, a professor in Concordia's psychology and behavioral neurobiology department and the other study lead.

The researchers also found that men who watched more porn at home reported higher levels of arousal when they watched porn at the lab.

The genre subtly shames both women and men—the former for not being enough like porn stars to keep their men interested, the latter for letting their libido rule them—and often veers into discussions of whether more government intervention is warranted..

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