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Robbie, Ray, Lily and Travis have had enough with the lame crap on the radio.

is the soundtrack to the first Degrassi movie in well over a decade!

The soundtrack features 4 original songs from the film, including 2 songs from Degrassi’s own Cassie Steele and a new song from everybody’s favorite Degrassi rock star, Jake Epstein.

Alexz Johnson is by far one of the best singers I've ever heard, and a great actress you like to see on screen.

If you want to find some great music, acting and have a great time watching TV, don't miss it, Instant Star is the show for you.

All-time official Pittsburgh Penguins uniform numbers since October 11, 1967.

Jersey numbers are for regular season and playoffs only.

Jude Harrison enters G Major's singer/songwriter contest called Instant Star.

She was so nervous, but then she ends up winning the contest.

Other classic tracks include: REO Speedwagons Keep On Loving You, Kool and the Gangs Ladies Night and Men Without Hats classic Safety Dance.


October 5, 2006 An image of Mario Lemieux’ retirement banner is projected onto the ice at the Mellon Arena before the start of the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey game against the Philadelphia Flyers in Pittsburgh.

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