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The methodology was introduced by Archaeology Consulting Team from Essex Junction in 1992.

This dating method works by measuring the ratio of oxidizable carbon to organic carbon.

If the sample is freshly burned there will be no oxidizable carbon because it would have all been removed by the combustion process. Prehistoric and Historic Excavations at Site 9Gw347, Annistown Road Improvement Project, Gwinnett County, Georgia.

Over time this will change and the amount of organic carbon will decrease to be replaced by oxidizable carbon. [5] Kindall, Sheldon 1997 The Oxidizable Carbon Ratio (OCR) Technique: A New, Low-Cost Dating Method. New South Associates, Inc., Stone Mountain Georgia. Ivy Beckwith Mark Beeson Matt Bell Jeff Berryman Cheryl Besenjak Joe Besenjak Lori Bethran Connie Beuter Tony Biaggne Tom Bienert Leo Bigger Dr.Gilbert Bilezikian Wade Birchfield Brian Bird Michael Bischof Shaun Blakeney Ken Blanchard Jean Blount Laszlo Bock Rickey Bolden Mike Bonem Scott Boren Good Shepherd Community Church Boring, OR Chris Bos Bo Boshers Greg Bowman Corrie Boyle Eric Bramlett Mike Breaux Stacy Brewer Stuart Briscoe Chris Brooks Scott Brown Chris Brown Kurt Bruner Marcus Buckingham Bob Buford Dr.Oxidizable carbon ratio dating is a method of dating in archaeology and earth science that can be used to derive or estimate the age of soil and sediment samples up to 35,000 years old. The method is experimental, and it is not as widely used in archaeology as other chronometric methods such as radiocarbon dating. Pollan 1995 Excavations at Site 41WH24, Wharton Co., Texas. Gary Burge John Burke Angela Burke Mark Burnett Bill Butterworth Kelly Byrd Susan Cain Christine Caine Mindy Caliguire Eric Camfield Tony Campolo Harvey Carey John Carlson Steve Carter Carol Cartmill Becky Caspersen Jim Caviezel Las Vegas, NV Central Christian Church Francis Chan Lori Chergosky Casey Cherry Eugene Cho Dennis Choy Scott Christenson Pat Cimo City Life Church Shane Claiborne Tracy Close Dr.

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