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It will be forwarded to the district’s Registered Dietitian (RD) who will put together a menu/food plan for the student, within 10 days of receiving the SD1 form.

This will be shared with the foodservice manager at the student’s school with directions for providing the special diet.

These regulations require substitutions or modifications in school meals for children whose disabilities restrict their diets.

This will allow schools to understand fully the current requirements for accommodating students with disabilities in school nutrition programs.

In order to make accomodations or substitutions to the school meal, schools The school food authority MAY, at theier discretions, make substitutions for students who have a special dietary need, but do not meet the definition of disability.

Rarely are there specific lesson plans for special education.

A school division or institution participating in the federally funded school nutrition programs (NSLP, SBP, ASP or SMP) is obligated to provide substitutions to the standard meal pattern for students who are considered disabled as defined in USDAs nondiscrimination regulations (7 CFR Part 15b) and whose disability restricts their diet.

Section II of the USDA manual, Accommodating Children with Special Dietary Needs, defines the term disability and the required substitutions for a disabled student with an Individualized Education Program (IEP).

If the program cannot provide foods to meet the child's needs, ask the parents to provide meals and snacks that meet their child's needs, or refer the family to another child care program that can better accommodate their child's special diet.

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