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The file system repository allows access to files which have been uploaded (e.g. (Note that these folders are not created inside the Moodle site, but on the server where Moodle is hosted.) A file system repository may be available site wide for everyone or within an individual course (set up by admin) or for an individual administrator.See MDL-28656 regarding course and individual repository configuration.Midnight Commander can do this, and much, much more.

The design of Midnight Commander is based on a common concept in file managers: dual directory panes where the listings of two directories are shown at the same time.

The idea is that files are moved or copied from the directory shown in one pane to the directory shown in the other.

This must be done by a systems admin who has write permissions to the server directories.

When a file from the file system repository is re-used elsewhere on Moodle, the teacher has the option to make a copy (a new, unconnected version) or to create a shortcut or alias. Once a repository has been created and files uploaded to it, the files can be made available within the file picker for use within a course.

Security through obscurity only provides a false sense of security in most cases. You could overcome the server limitation by having mysql in a separate server which does not have this restriction. Create your own code with files and work with them.

Anyhow, if your data increases, this 10 MB limit will get exceeded. I use this for my search engine so that it doesn't try to index files like or .mp3 or any other file that doesn't contain readable information.It makes use of the Character Type Extension if it's loaded, if it's not then it uses Regular Expressions.function is_binary($link) I made this function to search and/or display files by extension or for a string occurance in the filename.I am using a server, which has a restriction on the database usage i.e.I can't use more than 10mb of data, in the My SQL tables.So, I am searching for a alternate way of storing data, I need a database which stores data in form of files and it is also easy to use too.

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