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A good place to start is the country’s famous coastline.Bulgaria is known for its Black Sea coastline which has long stretches of sandy beaches dotted with hotels, traditional fishing villages and historical sites.

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The most recent Miss World winner from the United Kingdom was Sarah-Jane Hutt, who achieved the title in the year 1983.

Swedish women are often seen as both beautiful and independent, and have managed to woo the world with their charms for ages.

Tourists on a travel to Hungary can take accommodation in the hotels of the Hungarian capital city.

They will enjoy going out to dine at the restaurants and hang out at the coffee shops.

Rosemarie Frankland became the first British woman, and the seventh European one, to win the title of Miss World in 1961.

Ann Sidney, Lesley Langley, and Helen Morgan also won the Miss World titles for United Kingdom in 1964, 1974, and 1983, respectively.Sweden can thus boast of producing 3 Miss World and 3 Miss Universe winners.Hillevi Rombin Schine was the first Miss Universe winner representing Sweden, and the one who won the title in 1955, becoming the fourth Miss Universe winner in the world.The standard time zone of Budapest is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time. On one side of Danube, it is known as Buda and on the other bank it is called Pest.The location of Budapest is in the northern part of Hungary. This city is a beautiful tourist destination in Central Europe.Tourists can also enjoy shopping from the busy streets of Budapest, as well as celebrate the nightlife in the city. People come here to get an authentic flavor of western culture.

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